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Web design and development portfolio

Please take a minute to inspect these samples of Savvy Web Design's previous web design and web development. As a general rule, the more recent examples are nearer the top, although none of these could strictly be called recent sites — is due for a major overhaul including this portfolio page.

The copyright in the content is the property of the respective owners of each site.

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First State Property Valuers screenshot

First State Property Valuers
A brochure website for a NSW property valuation firm, incorporating staff contact details, integrated Google map, and a form for requesting a valuation online. The website is responsive, adapting its layout to suit small screens.

Cudgerie screenshot

Eastern Solar Design
Eastern Solar Design is a highly regarded designer of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Their website includes lots of photos of completed projects, along with the customary info and contact form. The website is hand-coded and responsive.

Stable Sheds screenshot

Stable Sheds & Garages
This family business designs and constructs sheds, garages and steel buildings in the Manning Valley and Great Lakes. The website can be updated by the owner; it's based on a template, making it inexpensive and quick to set up.

CSG-free Water screenshot

CSG-free Water
An information resource for a community action group opposing fracking in the Gloucester area of New South Wales, Australia. Based on a responsive template, this dot-org website was very low-cost and ready in a flash.

Taree Motorcycles screenshot

Taree Motorcycles
The Honda Dealership in Taree on the mid north coast of NSW uses this website as a contact point with customers. The owner can make changes to the website, including updating lists of used motorcycles and specials.

Free Local Poker screenshot

Free Local Poker
This site supported a poker tournament organiser and is now archived pending a name change for the business. When the site was live, players could get venue and event information and check current tournament scores. There's also a photo gallery, guestbook, rules section, and so forth. This project involved a complete redesign and reorganisation of the client's previous website, including the content.

Business cards website screenshot

Business Cards by Savvy Web Design
We offer design and production of printed material, and the most popular item is the ubiquitous business card. This self-contained subsection of Savvy Web Design is a brochure site focussing on business cards. Inexpensive websites like this are the equivalent of having a colour leaflet available on demand, 24 hours a day.

Let's get started: request a quote

Websites come in all shapes and sizes. To quote on yours, we'll need to know what you've got in mind.

What should it say? What should it do for your customers? And so forth. For many clients, the easiest way to decide on content is to think of your website like a printed document: if you were going to produce a full colour brochure to hand out to prospective customers, what would it include? You might even find it handy to rough out a plan on sheets of paper.

Don't worry about the structure or the design: we'll take care of that for you.

Once you have some idea of what you need, contact Savvy Web Design for a written quote.

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