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About Savvy Web Design

Montage of business cards. © 2011 Jason Towers.


Savvy Web Design is the internet trading name of Jason Towers, an Australian designer and illustrator. Jason has been creating websites since 1999, designing for print since about 1995, and writing and illustrating for publication on-and-off since 1989.

The domain name was registered in 2001.


Savvy Web Design does not operate a shopfront or office premises: about 80% of our work is carried out from Jason's home. This means lower overhead costs which are passed on to you as lower prices. Please contact Jason by email or telephone to discuss your needs or to arrange a meeting.

Jason usually works remotely, by email and telephone. So, regardless of where you are in the world, Savvy Web Design is able to work on your web project; and regardless of where you are in Australia, Savvy Web Design is able to work on your print project.

Have you considered outsourcing your web design to Australia? Clients based in countries whose currency is strong against the Australian dollar will find Savvy Web Design's pricing even more attractive.

The internet has no national boundaries — with the exception of China, sadly — so why should you be limited to your home country when looking for a web designer? Email makes international communication practical and fast. And payment can be made by credit card and/or the worldwide third party payment system, PayPal.

How much

Savvy Web Design uses flat rate pricing set out in written quotations, so you won't get any nasty surprises. This is referred to as project-based  pricing, as distinct from pricing based on hourly rates.

The cost of creating a website varies greatly from job to job, and is impossible to condense into a table of standard charges.

Here's how it works: contact Jason and give him a rough idea of what you want. He will give you a ballpark figure based on the quantity and quality of work he estimates the job will entail.

If that falls within your budget, you will be asked to supply more detailed specifications of the website you want: a breakdown of content, and some idea of appearance if you already have something in mind. Then Savvy Web Design will email, mail or fax you a precise written quotation for the total cost.

Please do get quotes from other designers, and view their work.

Pricing for print is usually a lot simpler. If Jason can't give you a price at the time you enquire, he will usually have a written quote to you on the same day.

The fine print on quotations

Please note that if you vary the specifications of the job after the quote has been issued, the quote will no longer apply, although it will form the basis for the eventual total cost. (This is a standard, and hopefully obvious, condition.)

If you ask for additional services in excess of the quoted work, you will be given an advance estimate of the cost. It will be consistent with the cost of the quoted work. Again, no surprises.

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