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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General

How much do you charge?

For most services we do not have standard fees or prices. Instead we supply written quotations at no obligation. Please see "How Much" in the About Savvy Web Design section.

How do I get in touch with you?

Email Also see the About Savvy Web Design section.

Will you work for a client based in another town / state / country?

Yes, and we have often done so. Savvy Web Design is an internet-based business. It's perfectly feasible to communicate entirely by email and telephone. In fact, we have a number of clients we've never actually met. Clients outside of Australia might also find the exchange rate makes engaging an Australian designer an attractive option.

What payment methods do you accept?

Direct deposit, cheque, or money order. Clients may also pay by PayPal, or by credit card via PayPal: for more information see

Is your work tax deductible?

Yes. Work done by Savvy Web Design for your business is invoiced and, if required, receipted. Whether your expenditure on web design is a legitimate tax deduction depends on your situation; please consult your accountant or the taxation guidelines for your country.

Have people really asked you these questions?

Yes, every one of these questions has been asked by clients or prospective clients. Including this one.

2. Web

This FAQ is about the web services provided by Savvy Web Design. It's not about how the internet works in general.

What do you need to know before you can make my website?

Planning a website is all about structure, and for most websites that depends upon what you want it to contain. What should it say? What sort of images and features would you like to include? And so forth. A helpful way to decide on content is to think of your website like a printed document: if you were going to produce a full colour brochure to hand out to prospective customers, what would it include? You might find it useful to rough out a plan on sheets of paper.

Do you do databases?

That depends on exactly what you expect to use a database for. For example, all of the Wordpress-based websites we create use databases; but there are areas of database implementation for which you'd be better off with a specialist. We can arrange a database developer for you, or we can cooperate with your current database developers to incorporate their work into your website. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Can you set up my website to directly accept secure credit card payments?

At this stage we choose not to do so. We can recommend other designers who will take on such projects.

People planning online stores are often surprised by the cost of accepting direct credit card payments — both the setup fees charged by the financial service providers and the maintenance costs to keep the system running smoothly. There are alternatives worth considering: you can accept secure credit card payments via Paypal, which is becoming increasingly common. (In fact, we believe this will become the standard method for making payments online.) Or you can accept direct deposit, or take credit card details by phone or fax. There are also third-party out-of-the-box solutions we can offer limited advice on. Contact us for more information.

If you make a website for me, where does it go?
Do I have to have my own dotcom address / my own domain?

Those answers are in the Domains & Hosting section.

Does the cost of website design include hosting and/or a domain name?

No, it doesn't. These things are available separately. See the Domains & Hosting section.

Can I put my business website in the free space that comes with my internet access?

Yes, as long as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't expressly forbid you to use your free space for business purposes. For more information, see the Domains & Hosting section.

Do you do animations and Flash presentations?

Yes, if your website needs them. Many websites don't. Please refer to the articles on good web design on the Further Reading page.

Do you make Wordpress themes?
Do you convert existing websites to work with Wordpress?

Yes. See the Samples section.

Do you take photographs and/or write the text that makes up my web site?

Those services are not included when we quote on developing a website for you. It's your responsibility to supply all text and unique photos.

Savvy Web Design can supply and adapt a certain amount of clip art and stock photographs for decorative or illustrative purposes, but particularly specialised images should also be supplied by you: for example, diagrams of your product, or specific tools used in your business, or photos of your location or staff or surroundings.

While we will edit your text content for spelling and grammatical errors, structure it appropriately for the web, and tweak it for marketing effect, the design service does not include creating the text content of your website from scratch. If you find that your current written content is insufficient or unsuitable, Savvy Web Design offers professional-level content writing as an additional service. The same applies to the creation of diagrams.

Please call or email to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you do search engine submissions?

Yes, the cost of designing your site includes manual submission to about half a dozen of the main search engines. This is done once only, when the site is finished and "published".

Please note that submitting your site to a search engine does not guarantee that it will appear in the top results for a given search. It doesn't even guarantee that your site will be included in the search engine's database. This is a complicated area; for more information, please refer to the Further Reading page under Search Engines.

If I have a website, will people visit it?

Only if you publicise your website. That doesn't mean merely submitting it to search engines and waiting for visitors to look for you. You will need to include your web address on your business cards and other stationery; in your outgoing emails; on your corporate vehicles, T-shirts, etc. You will need to include your web address in your media advertising. In order for potential customers to find your website, you must publicise it.

If you build me a website, is it possible for me to update it myself?

Yes. For most websites, the process is simple and you'll be sent clear instructions and links to detailed online tutorials. For a minority of websites, some technical knowledge will be required, but the software you'll need, and tutorials showing you how to use it, can be downloaded from the internet free of charge. Call or email for more information.

Do bear in mind that websites are updated using computers, and obviously some degree of computer skill is therefore required. We simply cannot guarantee that every individual will have the right mindset to update their own website.

Why can I see blank areas of screen to the left and right of my website? Why doesn't it fill the monitor from left to right?

Visitors to your website will be using various devices, resolutions and screen ratios. And some web users choose to view web pages in windows which do not fill the entire screen. So if you're seeing blank space, it's because your website is designed to appear on the majority of monitors without being cut off at the edges. On higher resolution monitors, and on widescreen monitors, the unused area is visible. It's usually filled with a decorative background, or with whitespace if that looks better.

At the time of writing, this is a standard approach to website design.

This answer has been simplified.

3. Print

The print FAQ is on its way. For now, there's a lot of applicable information in the FAQ section of the Business Cards website. Your question might be answered there.


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